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Well you want to make your own hip hop or rap music, your parents are probably panicking.  If they are smart, they will see that the best way for you to get things out of your system is to make music.  Music sooths the soul they say, but sometimes music explains the soul.  Hip hop is a great way to get things out off your mind and into the world.  Even if you are the only one who hears them, you will feel so much better, and be a better person.

The next thing parents complain about is the price of the software that you need to make your hip hop hobby come true.  Well there is great news.  There is a new product on the market that only costs about 40 dollars U.S. and it has a 60 day money back guarantee.  You can buy it for the Mac or the PC and you can even use it online, if you do not want to down load it.  Purchase a good set of headphones with it, and you will have licked your parent’s other concern!

This program is a beginner to intermediate program for making beats.  It is not for an advanced professional.  One of the problems we find so often with beginners is they get overwhelmed.  They go out, buy the very best system on the market, and spend up to 400 dollars U.S.  Then they face complete confusion because they cannot get the hang of even the easiest beats.  It is far better to buy a beginner system first, learn it really well, and then later you can graduate to a more advanced system.

One of the nice things about the product we mention here, Dubturbo, is that it gives you great tutorial videos and lots of pre-set kits to help you to learn quickly.  You will learn about the drums used, the hi hats, the kicks, the loops and the claps.  They have kits, which include such things as wonderful plentiful wobbles and wubwubs, plus kits by WobbleBoss.  These WobbleBoss kits allow you to make tech-house, brostep, dubstep, trance and electrostep easily.   If this technology is beyond you do not worry, it is all explained on the program.

Complexity is one of the problems many beginners fail to understand.  You get your new program and you are determined to make the most complicated loops possible.  Unfortunately, if you really listen to the great hip hop pros you will see that they do not use complexity.  Complexity leads to the artist losing his or her audience.  Stick to basic loops to start with, and then you can add other instruments and other tricks to the music as you get more experienced.  This way, your experience will help you to use the Dubturbo program to the fullest, and to expand your own knowledge.  Once you feel confident you have mastered this simpler program, you will be able to move on to a more advanced platform.

How to Make Beats Best!

Rap music today is just as complicated as any other type of music production. Many do not understand this, and think it is easy to write or make beats. For people starting out to make beats, you cannot go wrong with buying a basic system that will teach you how to create really awesome sounds. One of these is called Dubturbo Music production system, and it is a very good beginner or hobbyist’s program for making beats.
The other ways to improve you beats is truly to understand what makes up a beat. Music genres feature different structures for their beats. Modern sounds like glam rap, dirty south, and crunk use closed hi-hats in the 16th notes, while older types of rap do not. Syncopated kicks are popular in hip hop beats, and often feature a clap or snare every bar but one.
Repetitive beats can really put off your listeners. You want to keep their attention, and keeping your sounds tight is one way to do this. Do not use general snares get inventive! Week kicks do not keep the music moving forward, nor does it help the rap artist really to sing his speech. Using the Dubturbo Digital Music Production system is great for giving you a wonderful group of kits that you can use to make your beats really stand out.
Do not get too over the top or adventuresome to start with. This is one of the other reasons that the Dubturbo is an excellent product to start with, if you are just starting out to create your own beats. The kits discussed earlier make it easy to add lots of great sounds. Another wonderful part of the system is their ten pad drum machines. This way you can trigger your drum beats or have it draw in instead. Changing the kits while you are creating your beats is easy and can be done “one the fly”.
Insure the beat does not overpower but is loud enough. You want it heard, but you also want the main melody to be upper most. Snare and kick should be louder than the hi-hats for the best mastered production. Use the different sound levels on the Dubturbo drums to get the exact sound you want.
Loops are important in any track you decide to make, whichever program you decide is best for you. Adding other sounds to tracks are extremely popular, and should give some meaning to the emotions that the song is displaying. You will need to experiment a good deal, especially if you are just learning. Watch the training tutorials of whichever digital audio workstation you buy, and also have a look at any kits available that might be of assistance. Check out what the pros are doing. Each successful rap artist has their own particular extras that they add, that keep the audience coming back for more. As stated before, do not get too complicated, or you will lose your audience.

Making Great Beats for Hip-Hop

Do you love hip-hop and are you trying to make your own music. The making of beats can be both fun and frustrating. The frustration part often stems from our desire to get the very best programs that all the experts use. The problem with this sort of action is you are probably buying something that is excessively expensive, and excessively complicated. Find a simple program and master it, then you can move on to the more complicated programs later. We do not learn to walk in a single day, lets learn to make beats in a really great uncomplicated way.
A great system to help you learn to make beats is called Dubturbo Digital Music Production system. It is powerful, and it is also very reasonably priced. The product includes a great array of kits that you can work with. These will give you an idea of how to make certain beats that you may be familiar with. Then you can expand on these as you learn more and more about making beats.

Adding Loops

Awesome rap and hip-hop nearly always include some type of repetitive loop. Producers do not just use the drums to make these loops. They use many different music types and instruments. The Dubturbo beat-making program can synthesize all kinds of instruments. Many different instruments, not just the percussion instruments add a real flavor to the beat. Remember that you want to make your beat different. You want it to stand out. For example, old cartoon vintage sounds make Mf Doom’s music extremely popular and meaningful.

Do Not Get Too Complicated

Many first timers really fall down in their music production by trying to get too fancy. Do not get too complicated when creating your loops or your kicks. If the audience cannot get with your music easily, then they will lose interest. Unlike some things, making beats should be smooth and easy to listen to. You should present the rapper with a great background of music for him or her to move the crowd with.

Understand Beat Structure

Difference is the name of the game. Each type of music from older hip hop to the new sounds of hyphy and dirty south use different structures and rules when they create their beats. Modern hip hop artistes like to use a snare or a clap every other bar, and they love syncopated kicks. For those unfamiliar with a high hat, this is a set of two cymbals that are set on a stand, and can be with either a foot petal or with a drumstick or brush. These are available on the Dubturbo program in an electronic format and can really add to a beat.
Once you have decided that you want to make your own music, you want to be making beats, it is wise to buy a good inexpensive beat making machine like Dubturbo so that you can learn the craft. Once you have learned all you can, then move on to a more expensive program.

Our Honest DubTurbo Review

So if you’re like any other young producer out there you are looking to make some beats. The problem with this is that there is tons of JUNK that is currently on the market and the good stuff can cost a little for someone who is not making a full time living off producing beats. My name is David W. and I have been making beats ever since I was a kid. I started playing with soundboards. Eventually I knew that this was something that I wanted to do full time and for the rest of my life. I got serious about making beats and like you I faced a roadblock. I didn’t know what software to get since there were so many choices and which ones were good or bad. I had to go through a lot of junk and refunds to get to something I found worthwhile. The software that I used until I sold my first couple of beats to buy a higher end piece of software was dubTurbo. DubTurbo has been around since 2010 and that is when I personally started using it. Since the software has gotten tons more users, updates and way better than what it started at. I have included a video of me testifying and this post will go over some of the features of the product so you can make your own decision. Bottom line if you are serious about making beats and want to get your foot in the door dubTurbo is perfect for you. If you want to checkout other software then please look at my other post dubTurbo alternatives. Thanks again for reading my dubTurbo Review. Once you decide on getting dubTurbo after reading my review and watching the video testimonial I you can get dubTurbo and I will be sure to help once you get the software(just hit me up). Good luck producing and never give up on your dreams. Remember we all have to start somewhere….

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