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Well you want to make your own hip hop or rap music, your parents are probably panicking.  If they are smart, they will see that the best way for you to get things out of your system is to make music.  Music sooths the soul they say, but sometimes music explains the soul.  Hip hop is a great way to get things out off your mind and into the world.  Even if you are the only one who hears them, you will feel so much better, and be a better person.

The next thing parents complain about is the price of the software that you need to make your hip hop hobby come true.  Well there is great news.  There is a new product on the market that only costs about 40 dollars U.S. and it has a 60 day money back guarantee.  You can buy it for the Mac or the PC and you can even use it online, if you do not want to down load it.  Purchase a good set of headphones with it, and you will have licked your parent’s other concern!

This program is a beginner to intermediate program for making beats.  It is not for an advanced professional.  One of the problems we find so often with beginners is they get overwhelmed.  They go out, buy the very best system on the market, and spend up to 400 dollars U.S.  Then they face complete confusion because they cannot get the hang of even the easiest beats.  It is far better to buy a beginner system first, learn it really well, and then later you can graduate to a more advanced system.

One of the nice things about the product we mention here, Dubturbo, is that it gives you great tutorial videos and lots of pre-set kits to help you to learn quickly.  You will learn about the drums used, the hi hats, the kicks, the loops and the claps.  They have kits, which include such things as wonderful plentiful wobbles and wubwubs, plus kits by WobbleBoss.  These WobbleBoss kits allow you to make tech-house, brostep, dubstep, trance and electrostep easily.   If this technology is beyond you do not worry, it is all explained on the program.

Complexity is one of the problems many beginners fail to understand.  You get your new program and you are determined to make the most complicated loops possible.  Unfortunately, if you really listen to the great hip hop pros you will see that they do not use complexity.  Complexity leads to the artist losing his or her audience.  Stick to basic loops to start with, and then you can add other instruments and other tricks to the music as you get more experienced.  This way, your experience will help you to use the Dubturbo program to the fullest, and to expand your own knowledge.  Once you feel confident you have mastered this simpler program, you will be able to move on to a more advanced platform.

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