Making Great Beats for Hip-Hop

Do you love hip-hop and are you trying to make your own music. The making of beats can be both fun and frustrating. The frustration part often stems from our desire to get the very best programs that all the experts use. The problem with this sort of action is you are probably buying something that is excessively expensive, and excessively complicated. Find a simple program and master it, then you can move on to the more complicated programs later. We do not learn to walk in a single day, lets learn to make beats in a really great uncomplicated way.
A great system to help you learn to make beats is called Dubturbo Digital Music Production system. It is powerful, and it is also very reasonably priced. The product includes a great array of kits that you can work with. These will give you an idea of how to make certain beats that you may be familiar with. Then you can expand on these as you learn more and more about making beats.

Adding Loops

Awesome rap and hip-hop nearly always include some type of repetitive loop. Producers do not just use the drums to make these loops. They use many different music types and instruments. The Dubturbo beat-making program can synthesize all kinds of instruments. Many different instruments, not just the percussion instruments add a real flavor to the beat. Remember that you want to make your beat different. You want it to stand out. For example, old cartoon vintage sounds make Mf Doom’s music extremely popular and meaningful.

Do Not Get Too Complicated

Many first timers really fall down in their music production by trying to get too fancy. Do not get too complicated when creating your loops or your kicks. If the audience cannot get with your music easily, then they will lose interest. Unlike some things, making beats should be smooth and easy to listen to. You should present the rapper with a great background of music for him or her to move the crowd with.

Understand Beat Structure

Difference is the name of the game. Each type of music from older hip hop to the new sounds of hyphy and dirty south use different structures and rules when they create their beats. Modern hip hop artistes like to use a snare or a clap every other bar, and they love syncopated kicks. For those unfamiliar with a high hat, this is a set of two cymbals that are set on a stand, and can be with either a foot petal or with a drumstick or brush. These are available on the Dubturbo program in an electronic format and can really add to a beat.
Once you have decided that you want to make your own music, you want to be making beats, it is wise to buy a good inexpensive beat making machine like Dubturbo so that you can learn the craft. Once you have learned all you can, then move on to a more expensive program.

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